Certified Peer Recovery Specialists (CPRS) are people with lived experience who are in recovery and are driven to help others succeed on their path to recovery from mental health and/or substance misuse. CPRS understand that everyone’s road to recovery will be different and our team acknowledges the multiple pathways one may need to explore before finding the personalized path that works for them.

Our Let’s Talk program is making an impact in our community by connecting clients to the recovery community and assisting them with employment issues, legal assistance, shelter, and other basic needs which may be barriers to recovery.

Let’s Talk clients may expect:

  • Individualized and person-centered, non-clinical assistance
  • Motivation and emotional support from someone who has “been there”
  • Help in identifying and establishing goals
  • Connection with community-based resources

Let’s Talk has the most potential of our programs for immediate impact on meeting the mental health and/or substance misuse needs of our community but remains our least funded program.

With your support, Let’s Talk can expand its reach and continue to meet individuals daily, providing hope, support, and stabilization as they seek a healthier and happier lifestyle.


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The above word cloud is pulled from anonymous feedback on the impact of the Let's Talk Program and below are a few direct quotes regarding the program.


"It was an educational experience which was enough to open my mind to another session in the hopes of finding a way to make a difference in my life as well as the lives of those who I don’t want to lose or continue to hurt."

“It’s about time that something like this is here for us.”

"My peer recovery coach was a great listener with no judgement about my past! And made me feel confident that success is possible with hard work and dedication."