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Mental Health Awareness - Escape

In this series of videos, let’s discover a few things about ourselves that we may never have considered. Some introspection on topics like pain, the truth, boredom, and more in just two or three minutes will be enough to spark something to ponder each day! These could be a great prompt for a personal journal. Give these topics a try, and escape into your own mind. – Teachers, when the video starts, you can download the classroom discussion guide by clicking the top left of the screen.

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Episode 1:
The Power of Healthy Boredom

Our brains require moments where it isn’t being actively taught, entertained, or stimulated. It needs moments to return to what is known as the default mode network, which happens during moments of boredom!

Episode 2:
When Pain Can Be Healthy

Escaping our pain is not a healthy coping strategy for our mental health. Avoiding pain can lead to further mental health problems, including disconnection from our emotions, missing out on growth opportunities, and feeling isolated and alone.

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Episode 3:
What Does It Mean To Be Radically Honest?

Radical honesty can help you become more aware of your thoughts and feelings and build healthier relationships. With practice, you can experience the positive effects of radical honesty and use it to cultivate a healthier, more meaningful life.

Episode 4:
What Would Happen If You Were Honest With Yourself And Others?

We tend not to share feelings when things aren’t perfect. And not just online – in person, too! We often have a habit of holding these things in and not letting anyone else see what we’re struggling with or going through.

So why don’t we talk about it?

Episode 5:
What’s The Difference Between Escaping and Coping?

Escapism is what happens when we disconnect from the discomfort of our everyday lives, when we avoid pain, and seek out unhealthy ways to ignore difficult situations rather than dealing with the pain we face.

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Episode 6:
What Are You Willing to Risk?

Unfortunately, a product out there is growing extraordinarily fast and has become more readily available than ever before. But for this product, just two milligrams can kill you.

Episode 7:
The Truth About Vaping

Growing up is often about learning how to say no to things that seem fun or harmless at the time in order to make you happier and healthier later down the road.

Episode 8:
Finding the Dopamine Balance

Dopamine plays a role in memory, mood, motivation, attention, sleep, and attention. So yes, dopamine is a big reason why I get happy after I see my Instagram picture get a ton of likes or after I eat my favorite snack, but it’s also the reason why I’m motivated to post another picture or eat more.

Episode 9:
The Upside and Downside of Gaming

When we escape into the games too much and ignore the world around us, we can never fully deal with the stress, pain, and pressure we are trying to escape. The more we ignore the pain, the more it affects our mental health, causing more pain and giving us all the more reason to seek the escape.

Episode 10:
Finding the Dopamine Balance

The goal is not to be the most successful or to make the most money or even have the greatest job anyone has ever had…ever. The goal is to be the very best version of yourself that you can be. Work hard at that.

More videos in this series, such as: “Reframing Negative Thoughts” and “Understanding the Gift of Emotions”, plus more topics, are available through RemedyLIVE.

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