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We have multiple levels of professional supervision to assist you in your practicum/internship experience including LCSW’s. MHA embraces this experience as a benefit for everyone involved. The learner has the opportunity to have real life immersion in this important and ever changing field. At MHA we learn just as much from our interns as they bring fresh perspectives and opportunities that help us to stay connected to our mission.

At MHA we value the opportunity to host people seeking internship or practicum opportunities at all levels of experience. If you are interested in developing an understanding of the rigors in the behavioral health field, we have multiple opportunities available that will challenge and excite you. The list of benefits of working along side our team include:

  • Developing professional de-escalation skills virtually and in person
  • Learning how to be flexible in unpredictable environments
  • Understanding what different mental health diagnoses look like
  • Learning how to assess someone’s basic needs
  • Learning how to become an expert in resource identification and connecting people to them
  • Developing difficult conversations using empathy skills
  • Learning how to create solution focused goals and implement them
  • Practicing and applying Motivational Interviewing Skills
  • Work toward hours for: Peer Credentials, LAC Credentials and Masters Level Credentials
  • Identifying areas of research to improve 24/7 operations
  • Learning how to work as a team in a dynamic behavioral health environment
  • Learning clinical assessment skills and treatment recommendations
  • Learning how to meet people where they are
  • Learning the impact of social systems and wellbeing
  • Community Advocacy
  • Program Development

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Contact Stafka Powlett, Clinical Director at [email protected] or call 765.742.1800